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                Product Name:Fancy Roller

                The fancy roller, also known as the raising roller, covers the clothing that corresponds to the number of needles. The cylinder surface fibers are raised on-stream.


                Product Function Product Components Product Advantage Scope of Application Technical Parameters

                The fancy roller covers the clothing that corresponds to the number of needles. The cylindersurface fibers are raised on-stream.

                Main components: cylinder and shaft.

                The fancy roller is one of the key components of the cardingmachine, that has the high requirement of precision.

                The fancy roller is generallymade of aluminum alloy material with high concentricity and low disturbingcurvature error. The static and dynamic equilibrium is adjusted the idealstatus. The fiber on the surface of the cylinder is fully uniform to raising. Theweight of the product is light and convenient for operators to carrying in andout of the frame.

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